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I have been collecting or rescuing “stuff” for as long as I can remember.  I have very clear memories of not wanting to waste or dispose of things which could be of use, old buttons, pieces of fabric, clothes, boxes, furniture or any treasures big or small that crossed my path.  
In the 50’s and 60’s we didn’t have a lot and I remember my Nan and Mum being very resourceful and always making use of many things that we so easily dispose of today.  I clearly remember as a little girl one of my favourite pieces of clothing was a pleated skirt that was a ‘Hand Me Down’.
Childhood memories of Nan’s Treasures are vivid, they were displayed in a beautiful antique china cabinet.  Many of my most loved possessions have passed through another’s hands and to this day I enjoy passing on useful items and re-purposing or making use of all sorts of “stuff” whether it be clothes, something for the house or using whatever I have at hand to re-do my garden or make benches or any  other odd jobs.
Some of Nan’s treasures were misplaced when she moved into a nursing home but she had a Beautiful old doll with her in the home whom she named Daphne and 2 old “Wireless Rocker Chairs which I had refurbished.  Before Nan passed she left instructions that Daphne was to come home with me. (Daphne and the chairs are Not For sale) And so it came to pass that my childhood love of treasures continued over the years  and my collection of “stuff” and my love of re-purposing continued.
My Collection over the years  expanded to include dolls, bears, figurines, miniatures, doll house furniture, fine china, tea sets, Egyptian bottles, jewellery, antiques and soooo much more as you will see as you delve further into my website which is a W.I.P.   So please check in from time to time as I unpack, photograph and add them to my site.
I am Now about to embark on another phase of my journey which includes downsizing and travelling.  As a result of this My Collections are now gradually becoming available to find new homes and people to appreciate, love and enjoy them as much as I have.
Please keep in mind there are NOT multiples of any items except Ty Beanies so once they are gone…. They Are Gone.
Please Take your time, enjoy & peruse my website (which is a W.I.P) and if that special piece or pieces catches your eye, maybe for yourself or as that special gift for Future Generations… Please do not hesitate to contact me,  Happy Collecting……  Helen