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Bailey $95

6 RARE Bears including  Suitcase $295


Christi an

Emily Dress

Chaunc ey Fitzbru in

Emily Jumper


Top 2 photos show more detail of these 6 Very Rare Bears… $55ea or See Black Suitcase below to Purchase as a Set

Christian $55

Edmund2 $55

Edmund1 $55

Emily dress $55

Chauncey Fitzbruin $55

Emily Jumper $55

25th Anniversary Book - The Whimsical World of Boyds Bears 25 Years & Counting (removed  from sealed bag to photograph)    A Beautiful Collector’s Book Showing the History of Boyds Bears n Hares Collections from the very Beginning…..  $110  

1979-2004 25th Anniversary Collection  “Silver”  $195… In (Original Sealed Bag)

Bailey Nautical Rarest of Rare Boyds Bears $95

Eddie BeanBauer Toby Award Winner $99  Rare Bear

BOYDS, Bears, Hares and Friends - Very Rare Limited Edition

Click for  Large Images